The world is at the beginning of a transition from predominantly fossil fuels to predominantly clean energy. This transition is required to mitigate the global warming but will happen because of the immense cost advantages and other benefits clean energy provides. The clean energy transition will require tens, if not hundreds, of trillions of dollars of investment. And with any investment, some of this will lead to sustainable profitability for the companies that succeed and their shareholders.

Clean Energy Investor

Yet despite this generational investment opportunity there is very little in the way of coverage and analysis of which companies are leading the transition and why. As an investor there is no publication I have found that covers this.

I've been investing in clean energy for more than a decade and  so I started this blog as a way to share some of this knowledge. Each month I will buy at least one clean energy stock, and may occasionally sell a stock and document this journey here. I will write about the stock I buy, my reasoning for the investment and any analysis/background information used to make the decision.

Importantly, I will keep a scorecard to measure the returns from these investments. I don't expect these to crush the market immediately but expect them to make decent returns over the long term (3+ years).


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Information Sources


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The Motley Fool has premium stock recommendation and portfolio management services with different goals: dividend, growth, value, retirement, income, preservation & options strategies.


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Renewables Data Explorer - Data tools. A data tool by the International Energy Agency.



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